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Hi, I'm Dr Stuart Grey, a Senior Lecturer in Engineering Systems Design at the University of Glasgow and founder of Student Voice, a machine learning platform focussed on analysing student feedback.


Through Student Voice, I have analysed student feedback comments from over 100 higher-education institutions, giving me a unique insight into the issues facing students and what can be done to improve teaching and the student experience.

I have experience overseeing the curriculum, operation and development of large (1000+) undergraduate programmes as well as teaching classes at undergraduate, masters and postgraduate research level. I currently teach a variety of undergraduate and masters level engineering design, control systems and engineering skills courses.

Public Engagement

I also give public lectures and run a number of public engagement activities for those who are traditionally under-represented in engineering.

Video: An Introduction to the Principles of Design - University of Glasgow - STEM in 10

August 2023

In a recent talk I discuss the complexities of engineering design, advocating for a cyclical, iterative approach over a simple linear one. I emphasize the role of error correction, the importance of blending theoretical and experiential knowledge, and the need for diverse teams and effective communication in solving global challenges.

Video: A History of Space Debris - University of Glasgow Taster Lecture

May 2022

In this short video I give a quick overview of the history of space debris, including attempting to answer the questions, "What is space debris?", "Where is space debris?" and "How can we remove space debris?".

Podcast: AI Powered Text Analysis

February 2022

In this episode of the Scotland's AI Strategy podcast, Stuart Grey, Founder of Student Voice talks about how AI powered text analysis can help universities digest and respond to feedback from students.

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My research involves precise orbit determination and force modelling of spacecraft and space debris as well as applying machine learning techniques to help improve teaching.

Angles-only navigation in the proximity of a binary asteroid system

Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics

September 2020

Deep Space and the Impact of Space Debris on Communication Networks

White Paper

December 2019

Demonstrating developments in high-fidelity analytical radiation force modelling methods for spacecraft with a new model for GPS IIR/IIR-M

Journal of Geodesy

September 2019

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