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Video: An Introduction to the Principles of Design - University of Glasgow - STEM in 10

August 2023

In a recent talk I discuss the complexities of engineering design, advocating for a cyclical, iterative approach over a simple linear one. I emphasize the role of error correction, the importance of blending theoretical and experiential knowledge, and the need for diverse teams and effective communication in solving global challenges.

Video: A History of Space Debris - University of Glasgow Taster Lecture

May 2022

In this short video I give a quick overview of the history of space debris, including attempting to answer the questions, "What is space debris?", "Where is space debris?" and "How can we remove space debris?".

Podcast: AI Powered Text Analysis

February 2022

In this episode of the Scotland's AI Strategy podcast, Stuart Grey, Founder of Student Voice talks about how AI powered text analysis can help universities digest and respond to feedback from students.

Summer 2020 Outreach Resources

June 2020

As we unfortunately cannot run any in person outreach activities this summer i've made all my resources available here for those who are interested.

Young Weir-Wise 2020

January 2020

Discovering Engineering with S2 Girls. As usual I had a great time and continue to be impressed by how curious and engaged these students are.

Engineering the Future for Girls 2019

June 2019

We ran sessions today again for the Engineering the Future for Girls summer school. Thanks to all of our undergraduate students who came in to help.

Scottish Space School 2019

June 2019

An afternoon spent building VR headsets to see the debris around Earth and coming up with ideas of how to clean it all up.

A History of Space Debris - Public Lecture at the Wolf Humanities Center at the University of Pennsylvania

March 2019

The space race and more recent commercial space activities have led to a proliferation of objects in Earth’s orbit. What exactly are these objects? How do they behave? Who are we leaving them for? Is it junk or can it be reclaimed? Dr. Stuart Grey considers our role in polluting space and how this circulation of material impacts the future.

Young Weir-Wise 2019

January 2019

Discovering Engineering with S2 Girls. It was time again to run 2 sessions as part of the Young Weir-WISE outreach activity at Strathlcylde. This time we focussed on 3 key areas in the future use of space, 1. Global space based internet, 2. Orbital/sub-orbital transport and 3. Global real-time satellite video.

Strathclyde Headstart 2018

June 2018

In the last of the 3 outreach events we've run this summer we had 40 students from the Headstart scheme run by the Engineering Development Trust. Overall i've had a fantastic few weeks meeting over 240 young people interested in engineering and can't wait to see what they get up to.

Engineering the Future for Girls 2018

June 2018

We spent the day with 100 S3 girls giving them an idea what is involved in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and how we might tackle some of the engineering challenges involved with preventing and removing space debris.

VR Space Debris for the Scottish Space School 2018

June 2018

We ran a session on space debris as part of the Scottish Space School for 100 students from schools across Scotland. This year we also had our 3D printers on show and had a couple of special visitors.

Young Weir-Wise: Discovering Engineering with S2 Girls

January 2018

An afternoon spent building VR headsets to see the debris around Earth and coming up with ideas of how to clean it all up.

The Naked Scientists - Question of the Week

December 2017

Would a rocket launched from a tube, like a bullet from a rifle barrel, be assisted or hindered by that?

Glasgow Science Festival: My Favourite Doomsday Talk

June 2017

I gave a talk about why a massive asteroid strike is my favourite doomsday.

Scottish Space School VR Space Debris Workshops

June 2017

100 students from across Scotland got to see the extent of the space debris problem for them selves with their own VR headsets.