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Space Debris Wallpapers - May 2016

Jun 06, 2016

Space Debris 2016

During my work in processing and visualising the database of tracked objects in Earth orbit I generate a lot of images. I thought it might be nice to create a few wallpapers for people to use. All of the objects on screen are objects in the Space-Track.org database, coloured by time on orbit (purple objects are 10 years old or older).

I've generated the most obvious sizes but please get in touch (email / twitter) if you have a request for different sizes.

I decided to keep the labelling minimal but can easily add or remove more information if people want it.

Click the thumbnails below to get the full resolution images.

|---|---|---| |1600x1200|1920x1200|1920x1080| |alt text|alt text|alt text| ||| |4k 3840x2160|iMac 27"|iMac 27" 5k| |alt text|alt text|alt text| ||| |iPhone5/5s|iPhone6/6s|iPhone6+/6s+| |alt text|alt text|alt text|