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Summer 2020 Outreach Resources

Jun 01, 2020

As we unfortunately cannot run any in person outreach activities on our work on space debris this summer i've made all my resources available here for those who are interested. Pleaswe feel free to share far and wide.

1. Watch my talk

Stuart Grey • A History of Space Debris from Wolf Humanities Center on Vimeo.

2. Work though the worksheet

you can download a copy of the worksheet here

3. Check out Space Debris in VR!

Usually we would give each of you a headset to take away and keep but unfortunately we can tthis year, instead you can build your own opr buy one from here

Either way, visit vr.stugrey.com to see a live animation.

4. Ask Questions!

Please email me at stuart.grey@strath.ac.uk with any questions you may have about space debris or engineering in general, i'll answer every single one!