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VR Space Debris for the Scottish Space School 2018

Jun 12, 2018

Test Title 7

I ran two sessions for the 100 students taking part in the Scottish Space School this week. We discussed exactly what space debris is, what it isn't and how we might think about removing it.

We gave a Google Cardboard VR headset to each student and had them fly through a visualisation of all of the man-made objects in Earth's orbit (you can see the visualisation by going to www.stugrey.com/vr on your phone).

At the end of the session we were lucky enough to have NASA flight surgeon Dr Richard Scheuring Dr Richard Scheuring and NASA astronaut and ISS commander Sunita Williams pop in. They chatted with the students and got stuck into making their own VR headsets with help from some of my first year engineering students. Overall, a fantastic day!

Sunita Williams

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